Masked Man From Scream Robs Several Stores

A man wearing the mask from the popular Hollywood Halloween movie, Scream, has struck again and robbed a convenience store this time. This person is also, allegedly, behind the late night robberies in two restaurants in the same area. This time, the alleged robber, struck a convenience store at Circle K in East Naples in early morning hours. The surveillance camera captured the whole ordeal that was over in less than 3 minutes.

The video captured by the surveillance camera at the convenience store shows a man wearing a hoodie, sweatpants, gloves and the mask from the movie Scream, entering the store and brandishing a gun at the lone employee in the store. He asks the employee to hand over all the cash in the registers and also asks him to show the robber underside of the drawers. After taking all of the money, he instructs the cashier to be hid behind the counter.

The robber then hides behind one of the aisles in the store and waits for his next victim. When another customer walks into the store, the robber suddenly pops up and points the gun at the customer. He then demands the car keys and cell phone of the customer. The customer tells the robber that both the car keys and the cell phone are in his car outside. The robber then forces both the customer and the cashier into the bathroom before fleeing on foot.

The Collier county deputies are investigating the robbery and are seeking help from the public to identify the masked robber. Sgt. Brian Sawyer, who is with the Criminal Investigation Division of Collier PD, says that the police believe that the masked gunman is acting alone.

The other two robberies took place on Saturday evening at around 9 p.m. at The Bamz Deli in East Naples and on Sunday evening at around 11 p.m. at the Salsa Brava in North Naples.

Police is asking the employees who work at night and people who are out in the night to be extra vigilant. Sgt. Brown also advises public and employees to remain safe when they end up in such a situation. He says that people in such situation should try not to further antagonize or confront the suspect. Instead, people should comply and focus on being a good witness at a later date.

One of the victims at the robbery at Salsa Barva pushed the masked gunman who then punched the man with a fist.

Public can call the Sheriff’s office of the Collier County at 239-252-9300 to give any information regarding the suspect. This is a local Naples story.